Mark Brooks in the Virus Conspiracy (Paperback)
by Michael Bush
ISBN 978- 0-9815513-3-3
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301 Pages

Mark Brooks is getting married and honeymooning in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Who could ask for more? After his breakout adventure voyage down the Amazon River and his high-Andes Mountain trekking encounter with a notorious Marxist rebel group he plans to wed with his new love. "Sorry to postpone your honeymoon, Mr. Brooks, but you have been recalled by the DEA for one last covert operation!"

When Mark Brooks and his new bride returned from Colombia and his final DEA mission he planned to slow down and enjoy life a bit more. But during a visit with old friends, he learned that the DEA agent that had sent him on that mission had been brutally murdered. Mark was told that the murder was linked to the DEA mission and therefore he must help find the killers. In his search for the murderers he discovered even more. The killers were planning to infect the U.S. food chain with a deadly virus, a virus for which they had a vaccine. Introduce an illness, perhaps even a pandemic then sell the cure at the same time…creating huge corporate profits, never mind the medical risks...what a clever idea in today's capitalistic society.

Challenged by the grieving widow and a secret coded message left on the dead agent's computer, Mark begins the hunt. Directed by a "patriotic" income tax protesting terminated whistleblower, Mark is lead through the myriad of IRS and SEC rules and regulations in an attempt to discover both identity and the motives of the killers plus the intended corporate victims of the horrific conspiracy to plant the deadly H5N1 virus.

Fearing the "hit" as an inside job, Brooks is on his own, trusting no one. Using his investigative forensic accounting skills, Mark, along with his new bride and his tiny cadre of nonconformist friends (his dentist buddy, a cute young FBI miss, a small town lawyer and a computer wizard) set out to find the killers. Moreover, they must also alert the giant food processing corporation's CEO to the planned elimination of millions of senior citizens by their eating the target corporation's deliberately infected poultry. Big pharma, big plans, big profits and big dangers, all brought about thanks to a microscopic virus secretly planted in the U.S. food chain. It's a horrific plan that must be stopped.

Unnerved by their own guilt and selfishness, a brutal highway accident brings the killers face to face with their own horrific plot. Finally, the story returns full circle to the beginning of this exciting tale of danger and intrigue where the killers' true identities are finally revealed.

This Mark Brooks novel is another thrilling adventure into to the realm of human nature, forensic accounting, the philosophy of the patriot movement conspiracy theorists and the workings of the stock market and investment-banking realm. Cleverly intertwined and sprinkled with sophisticated humor, spicy romantic interludes and raw commentaries on today's societal norms, this is a hard-hitting must-read novel for any adventurous soul.

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