Mark Brooks on the Inca Trail (Paperback)
by Michael Bush
ISBN 978- 0-9815513-1-9
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317 Pages

Mark Brooks is at it again. Undaunted from his "breakout trip" attempt to conquer the Brazilian Amazon River mystique, he is now headed to Peru to tackle the famed Inca Trail trek. He loved and lost during his freedom trip down the mighty Amazon, but this time he's lost in love. He soon discovers that the twists and turns of the ancient Inca highway provide more drama than he had bargained for.

Political demonstrations in Lima; a near fatal whitewater-rafting incident; a dangerous rebel attack by guerilla dissidents, and finally, a daring trail rescue of a fellow trekker all provide the springboard of suspense and excitement for Mark's thrilling sizzling high altitude adventure. These events were never listed in his travel brochure itinerary!

He defended his new love's honor and now he must pay (machismo-it's a guy thing). The terrorists want his "cojones" and to do worse to his new mate. Monitoring a hidden short-wave radio alerts him to the danger, a hobby left over from his military days. Brooks' cunning aids the pair in their efforts to attempt to keep one step ahead of the machete's deadly promise. A new friend deceives Mark and the result is only to raise the stakes. In the end, Mark and his new love fulfill their passionate promise and the thugs learn a deadly lesson…but from whom? The killer's true identity remains in doubt until the final page when separate homebound flights depart and the last piece of the puzzle falls into place.

The final outcome proves that no one can be trusted. The sought after serenity of the high-elevation city of the Incas, mixed with the high-octane excitement of the rugged journey getting there, both promise to take you on the trek of a lifetime.

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