Border "Hit"
A Mark Brooks Manhunt (Paperback)

by Michael Bush
ISBN 978- 0-9815513-4-0
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417 Pages

After years of adventures travelling the Western Hemisphere, Mark Brooks finds himself as a relaxed Tucson, Arizona resident. He's kicking back with a cold beer and concentrating on his favorite pastimes. Chasing Amazonian anacondas, Colombian baby snatchers and infectious virus peddlers are in his past. Spending quality time with his wife and new friends sounds much better. Too bad, but his goal of idyllic relaxation didn't last long…it's Murphy's Law.

During a Cowpony Bar happy hour “loser buys” 8-ball game, Tony, a local newspaper editor, relayed to Mark and their friend Jake a disturbing rumor. An assassination plot of a high-level associate of a popular pro-immigration group was in the works. The “hit” was due to the fact that money was missing; how trite. However, everyone including the “target” knew that all the funds were there…in that organization. Why spread a rumor that everyone knows to be false? Could there be two agendas at work? “It ain't my problem,” Mark moaned, when he was asked to use his forensic skills and get involved, “I'm just here for the beer.”

Mark's best friend Gerry and his wife Lisa, an Ann Arbor, Michigan F.B.I. agent, were headed out West for a long overdue visit. When Mark asked her to run a fast F.B.I. rumor query things began to turn. Her contact reported suspicious activity concerning an eastbound railcar shipment. The quartet of sleuths soon discovered that the railcar may be part of a theft from the Halcyon missile plant. A weapons heist was one thing, but when they discovered that the intended hit against the so-called official may be none other than a prominent U.S. Senator, well, that changed everything. The Senator was coming to the famous Hotel Gadsden in Douglas, Arizona to visit, to view the controversial Mexican Border Fence construction and to attend a popular rodeo. A massive explosion at an outdoor venue, hundreds killed or injured…? Perhaps, but wouldn't that barbaric move merely discredit their cause? “Mac,” their leader, and his group of dedicated terrorists were smart. Infiltrating the slippery group of vengeful malcontents promised to be a daunting task. Brooks learned that real fast. Outsmarted at most every turn, then threatened by the arrogant Senator's own staff, Mark and his friends put their lives on the line in their repeated efforts to save the man.

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