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ISBN 978-0-9815513-5-7

Leaving Arizona
Mark Brooks' Legacy

It's the year 2025. President Kwame Lusaka is presiding over the final chapters of the breakdown of Freemerican society. With unemployment and credit card interest rates both at forty percent and the Dow at 2000, Lusaka was voted-in by a landslide to fix things. All illicit drugs are legalized and gangs roam the streets, unfettered. Travel is restricted on a county-by-county basis. The solution? Well, first came the plan to wire every American household to the internet…free! Then followed four added Administration fixes to heal the sagging economy. The nation is broke and needs cash. The Chinese own GE, GM and the bond market. The "free" in freedoms and Freemerica are vanishing quickly. Local block clubs control most every aspect of daily life…political correctness demanded.

Lusaka's alleged African-born Arab heritage had brought out open verbal warfare between the growing Muslim presence and the Jewish financial stranglehold. Both sides want to control America. The President's financial wizards have one plan to fix Freemerica, but a sinister, parallel stealth plan is bent on wrecking the economy for good, creating untold riches for the super-secret Brussels' powers.

In spite of the societal turmoil, Mark Brooks and friends are a happy lot. They're happy, not because they approve, but because they realize things must soon change. The tipping point is near. Brooks has found comfort in teaching. He is relaxed and secure and the extra cash pays for a few beers each night with the guys. But Brooks has his peace and solitude suddenly broken when he is trapped in an unsolved Senatorial murder entanglement, being named a suspect!

"No way!" he tells his block chairperson. "I wrote a book about it, I didn't do it!" he claims to no avail. Brooks finds himself the "bait" to catch the real killer and the only way to exonerate himself is to confront the real killer before he strikes again. A clandestine rendezvous, organized by Brooks and his Native American buddy, Joe, held in the most desolate and dangerous area of the Southwest desert, seems the only way to outwit the authorities, to get Brooks' rear end out of the deadly mess, and America back on the right track. Success hinges on the parties seeing eyeball-to-eyeball on their plan.

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ISBN 978-0-9815513-4-0

Border "Hit": A Mark Brooks Manhunt*

Mark Brooks is kicking back and enjoying his favorite pastimes. Chasing Amazonian anacondas, Colombian baby snatchers and infectious virus peddlers is all in his past. Married life in Tucson, Arizona is good. During a friendly 8-ball barroom pool game Brooks hears of a sinister plot to "hit" a high-level official connected with a pro-immigration group. Missing funds; it's always a good motive, but everyone agrees that all the money is there. "No way, I'm just here for the beer," Mark proclaims when asked to use his forensic skills to find the truth. When stumbling closer to the plot, rumors persist and things change fast. Soon, Brooks, his vacationing dentist friend and his F.B.I. agent spouse are all dangerously involved. Their challenge is to discover just who and why one wants to put an end to government abuses by eliminating the abusers. The stakes are raised when discovering there to be a multiplicity of monetarily motivated actors scheming in this plot, while the alleged target himself refuses to be helped. Most would agree with the motto "don't bite the hand that feeds you." Others might say "it all worked well in the end." It's a tough and a good story; loaded with brutal truths, real language and irreverent humor.

*Border Hit: A Mark Brooks Manhunt was selected as one of the Six Featured Arizona Daily Star selections for the March, 2009 Festival of Books.

ISBN 978-0-9815513-3-3

Mark Brooks in the Virus Conspiracy

Mark and his new wife returned from his latest DEA mission to discover that the same DEA agent who sent him on that jungle mission has now been murdered. The agent's grieving widow tells Mark that he may be implicated because she believes the "hit" to be an "inside job." In Mark's efforts to find the truth, he meets a tax-protesting "patriot-type" whistleblower who strangely believes there is a sinister plot to infect America's aged populous with a deadly virus. Could the two be linked? The answer is found on the dead agent's encrypted message located on his DEA laptop…but the code must be broken. In a twisted web of IRS and SEC regulations, coupled with the selfish motives of "big-pharma" greedy executives and a grieving widow's odd attraction to Mark, this high-speed adventure finishes on an Arkansas Interstate…wrecking the deadly circle of deceit.

ISBN 978-0-9815513-2-6

Mark Brooks in Scramble in the Tropics

Mark Brooks is a forensic accountant with a unique military history. After finding his new love, Mark is headed on his honeymoon to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…who could ask for more? His plans are sidelined when he is called upon by the DEA to revisit a small Colombian Amazon River border town on a dangerous mission to intercept from the local drug ring an outdated secret Russian encryption device. His new bride is clueless as to the purpose of the hot, humid jungle diversion. Meeting with a local jungle guide and potentially compromised undercover DEA agent named Louie, the trio set out to foil the plans of the cartel while trying to formulate a dangerous double-cross as they go. In the end it's the local children that help them discover a plot more sinister than the mere unrestricted flow of illegal drugs crossing "Las Tres Fronteras," the narrow Amazon River border crossing between Brazil, Colombia and Peru.

ISBN 978-0-9815513-1-9

Mark Brooks on the Inca Trail

Mark Brooks loved and lost during his breakout river trip but now he is in Peru and lost in love. An Andes Mountain vacation trek along the famed Inca Trail rewards Mark with a potential new mate. As Mark and his new friends are touring Lima they realize they have arrived in a capital city in turmoil, a tinderbox of anti-government, anti-"gringo" demonstrations, brought about by sympathizers of a notorious jailed Marxist rebel leader. A pending Supreme Court decision could free him and his followers. Mark tries to dismiss the city's "Death to America" signs because he is headed to hike the distant mountains. However, he soon discovers himself and his new friends in mortal danger, attacked on the trail by angry members of the regenerated Sendero Luminoso, the notorious rebel group. The threat against Mark's innocent tourist group is met with deadly force. This high-altitude, high-energy tale has more ups and downs than the sinuous trek itself…both being equally dangerous.

ISBN 978-0-9815513-0-2

Mark Brooks, a recently divorced young professional man, throws caution to the wind and books a 1,200 mile river trip down the Brazilian Amazon. Not on a luxury cruise ship sporting a bunch of prescription-toting seniors listening to endless Bee-Gees disco hits while enjoying four-thousand calorie dinners; rather he chose a small twenty-passenger supply ship, where the crew speaks no English and beans and rice are the daily fare. Forget political correctness…it's a new beginning…experience the local culture, meet new people and learn their language. Bugs, beer and babes…why not? Mark thought of himself as a good husband but ended up alone anyway. Now it's time to start over, a renaissance. He and his newfound friends find more twists and turns in their relationships than the mighty jungle river itself. He never expected such an industrial strength adventure. In the end Mark discovers that the Amazon controls man, man does not control the Amazon.

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